• Global Warming – Yada Yada Yada

    My opinions on this are found to be antithetical to many very learned people – including both Climate Alarmists and Climate Realists (skeptics).  Scientists I have  corresponded with say that  many of the eclectic scientific “laws” in Quantum Physics contradict […]

  • A Classical View of Global Warming

    This exercise attempts to demonstrate that CO2 , water vapor, or any “greenhouse gas” , rather than causing higher atmospheric temperature, actually reduces that temperature.   The atmosphere moderates  the temperature by converting part of absorbed  energy into  work energy (kinetic […]

  • Richard Lindzen Unhealthy Situation

    . Richard Lindzen, PhD, MIT,  has the truth of it. When, today, one hears of overwhelming support for alarmism and for the control of Carbon Dioxide as the unique and precise solution to a largely unknown and uncertain set of […]

  • Curb Your Anger, the Global Warming Unicorn Is Tiring

    We should not employ the oppressive methods of the Left in attempting to silence those with whom we disagree, especially within the ranks of global warming Realists.  The Realist Case eis xtremely articulate and  forcefully presents the Truth of the Scientific […]

  • The Whys and Means of Bent Scientists Who Promote the Global Warming Myth

    Contributed by John Dunn, M.D.,   Fort Hood, Texas It is reasonable to assume that the scientific misconduct is motivated by political agendas.   The first political agenda of significance is statism—the compulsion of elites to do what is necessary to […]

  • GOP Unrealistic Expectations

    If you expect me to give additional support to your favorite candidates, I expect you to be more full throated in defense of Trump.   If you current crop of so called Republicans continue to act as de facto Democrats, what […]

  • To be or not to be a TRCS soldier of right rectitude

    I have sensed for some time that there was an alarming degree of agreement within the TRCS with many Climate Change Alarmists Talking points.  From the high value assigned to the TCS to a tendency to echo the call for […]

  • Disavow the Paris climate Agreement

    If it were not for the proximity and influence of Trump’s “green” daughter and her Machiavellian husband (registered blue sky Democrat), this (engaged diminishment of the Paris Climate Accord) would seem to be a fair approach. However, I fear that […]

  • Science Over Politics

    I will take the conjectures of scientists (with my limited understanding) over the pronouncements of politicians ever ytime.  Scientists have a better chance at succeeding at politics than a politician at science.  However, the scientist is sullied by the effort and […]

  • Does AGW Exist at ALL?

    This (that anthropogenic CO2 causes even a little climate change) is a key question.  I thought the labors of the TRCS had developed a scientifically sound conclusion that abatement of CO2 emissions would have little or no effect on global temperatures, […]


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